Subscriptions are a new thing for us at Turnrow Letterpress. We have seen other subscription boxes and letter-writing sets and thought we could do something different.

The idea behind subscriptions is that customer’s receive a supply of cards or art or whatever on a regular basis within a theme. The items are designed and printed by us, with our own hands, and are not items that are available in our online store or at stockists.

Our first subscription will be for our “Initials” Theme (an example is shown above) and here is basically what a subscriber (or recipient in the case of a gift subscription) will receive every month:

  • Three 5×7 flat notecards with the subscription Initial – all three will be the same but different each month
  • One 5×7 flat notecard with an embellishment like a figure (“&” for example) or a symbol (a fleur de lis like in the photo above) and again different each month
  • Four 5×7 kraft envelopes (these may or may not be printed with the Initial or other embellishment as well)
  • A note from us about the items


  • One of our cool A2 size variety folded cards (like the beautiful bee card above) with a kraft envelope or a small art item or other cool thing we’ve come up with for that month! It’s a surprise!

All you have to do is select an initial and how many months you would like to subscribe for (1, 3, 6, or 12 months). Sorry you can’t change initials after the subscription has started. You can purchase this for yourself or as a gift and there are instructions in the checkout about sending it as a gift (we’ll send along a note about how great you are for thinking of them!)

All of our 5×7 flat notecards are printed on 100% cotton Cranes Lettra paper which has a great feel, a nice and heavy weight, doesn’t bleed when you write on it and looks cool when you do. Our A2 size variety folded cards are printed on heavy recycled content card stock and will feature a different image, saying or motif each month.

Keep a look out here or on instagram as we will offer additional subscriptions throughout the year for other types of items like fancy writing papers, holiday items, art cards and posters…